Behind the Loom: Safeguarding the Knowledge of Sadu Weavers

Visit our exhibition space to learn more about Sadu weaving 

Exhibition tickets for Sadu Weaving are now available to book*. In our galleries, you can learn about the art of Sadu weaving and explore our extensive collection of Sadu objects.  

We have collaborated with the last few practicing sadu weavers in Qatar to showcase Sadu weaving as an important aspect of Qatar’s intangible cultural heritage. 

Sadu weaving is a labour-intensive handicraft that made Bedouin women crucial to their tribe’s survival. Bayt al Sha’ar, the house of hair is what provided their community shelter, comfort, and privacy in the vast Qatari desert. 

Bedouin women raised their livestock near the tents, sheared their fur, spun the fibers into wool, and wove panels of sadu that made up their homes.

Less than fifty master weavers who still practice the craft remain in Qatar, Sadu weaving is quickly becoming a lost art form and it is up to us to preserve this handicraft as an integral part of Qatar’s intangible cultural heritage.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Sadu galleries!

*All of the proceeds from ticket sales go towards further research to preserve Sadu weaving in Qatar for its future generations.

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