About Us

Embrace Doha is an independent cultural house that immerses guests in an authentic Qatari experience. Visitors learn and connect with the community through cultural sessions, events, tours, and shopping local goods. Sessions are held to educate on topics like business etiquette, lifestyles, and traditional clothing in Qatari culture.

Our team of heritage specialists works closely with private and government entities to ensure their events or products are culturally accurate. Embrace Doha assists companies, ministries, and educational entities to develop an understanding of Qatari culture through cultural events and consultancy.

Embrace Doha is also dedicated to giving back to the community through their concept store and gallery of women’s handicrafts. They’re working closely with the few Sadu weavers left in the country to help them sustain themselves.

Whether you’re delving into a session, hosting an event, or taking a tour, Embrace Doha increases awareness of the culture in many ways. Their goal is to act as Qatar’s cultural beacon and torch bearer to increase understanding through education.


To deliver a wide range of cultural services to connect our clients with Qatar’s rich history, culture, and heritage – both at home, and abroad.


To be Qatar’s cultural beacon and torchbearer. We exist solely to facilitate the best cultural experience to Qatar’s guests and inhabitants.