School Visits

Embrace Doha is the perfect resource for schools to teach the younger generations about Qatar’s cultural heritage. Embrace Doha delivers a wide range of fun and educational sessions based around Qatari culture and local history. 

Come and explore the Embrace house and learn from our experts through any of the following workshops and activities: 

  • Cultural sessions
  • Majlis etiquettes
  • Co-teaching parts of the Qatari history books
  • Workshops eg. leather, sadu weaving, bakhoor mixing
  • Souq Waqif tours
  • Archaeology site tours
  • Sessions/workshops on Qatar’s natural history 

To find out more about what you and your group can gain from a visit to Embrace Doha or to book a session, please get in touch at:

+974 5006 4472

Explore our School Visits: